Under-9 in Academy

FYSA has recently decided that it will offer academy play for its under-9 (u-9) players. This page will provide the information that supports this transition.

Support from Tom Goodman
Technical Director of Mass Youth Soccer
Supportive Articles and Documents

In support of the FYSA Mission the organization is transitioning its In-House Division to the FYSA Academy.

Major Emphasis:

  • Develop creative technical play
  • Foster an environment where players are comfortable taking risks with newly learned techniques in competitive games


  • Raise the overall level of play of FYSA players
  • Ensure all players have access to high level coaching
  • Educate and support coaches and parents
  • Create an environment where players play to win and their coaches and parents encourage them to use creative techniques to do so
  • Have fun playing competitively and locally with and against classmates and friends