Goodman Supports Under-9 Academy

May 1, 2011

Technical Director of Mass Youth Soccer

Congratulations Franklin Youth Soccer for taking bold steps towards addressing the national focus to foster the development of creative, technical play.

Collectively managing the soccer development of 8 year old children in an Academy Style Format allows for your organization to:

  • Ensure that all children at this critical stage of their soccer and emotional development have access to the highest quality of coaching available
  • Adapt the playing format and rules as recommended by Mass Youth Soccer and US Youth Soccer
  • Collectively focus on having players take risks in games with newly learned technique
  • Support coaches who are learning how to teach the more complex aspects of the 5v5 or 6v6 game during a critical stage of soccer development
  • Create an environment where you can be creative and think outside the box without the pressure of “having to win”! It is a true developmental environment!

Please know that the Technical Coaching Staff of Mass Youth Soccer is here to support what you are doing to make sure that children have a positive and quality experience learning to play the World’s Game.

Tom Goodman
Technical Director
Mass Youth Soccer

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