Under-10 Skill Priorities

  • Dribble IN ALL DIRECTIONS with all sides of both feet
  • Dribble out of trouble
  • Dribble past someone
  • Shielding
  • Passing with inside and outside of both feet
  • Shooting with both feet—using laces
  • Receiving the ball with all parts of body
  • Utilize proper heading technique

Tactical Priorities:

  • Basic Attacking Ideas {Penetration, support, width, depth}
  • Basic Defending Ideas {Pressure, cover, balance}
  • Comprehend 1 vs. 1 concepts
  • Comprehend 2 vs. 1 concepts
  • Introduction to 2 vs. 2 concepts
  • Comprehend roles of 1st and 2nd defenders
  • Comprehend roles of 1st and 2nd attackers

U-10 Juggling Benchmarks

This will take commitment to practice outside of training…

All players should be able to juggle 8 touches with no more than 2 simultaneous touches with the same body part

Most should be able to juggle 10+ touches …

Some will be able to juggle 20+ touches …


By the end of their fifth year and under-10 experience and in addition to previous skills and benchmarks, all players should understand and be able to implement the principles of 1 v 1 attack and defense.

Attacking 1 v 1 concepts include:

  • Visual cues of when to attack by dribbling and when they should consider passing
  • The technique of deceptive moves to unbalance defenders
  • Reading the unbalance defender
  • Controlling a penetrating touch

Defending 1 v 1 concepts include:

  • Pressure-Patience-Posture: PATIENCE is very important
  • Approach fast-arrive slow, side-on, bending angle of approach,
  • Position in relation to the line of the ball
  • Recognizing opportunities to counter attack
  • Implement techniques of stealing the ball; Use shoulder to get into position to pry the ball from their opponent or to toe-poke, or use laces to drive through the ball
  • Recognize defensive situations where they should pressure the ball, or drop and delay.