Lost and Found

Reclaim your item at the Soccer Office!

Please help reduce the number of items lost by doing the following:

  1. Put your name and phone number on anything you bring to the fields.
  2. Mark your name and phone number on your soccerball with a “sharpie” or other waterproof marker. Make sure you redo this each season so your information can be easily read.
  3. Look before you leave! There should be nothing left when you leave practice or after a game.
  4. Help your teammates! Remind them if you see them about to leave with their stuff. If they’ve left something, please turn it in to the Soccer Office.
  5. Report your lost items to the soccer Office. You may find your missing items already waiting for you!

Items will be kept at the Soccer Office until the end of the season, when they will be either donated to charity or discarded.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the overwhelming number left at the fields each week, waterbottles will be discarded at the end of the game day. If you have a waterbottle that you really love, please take it home with you!