CORI Background Check

In accordance with our affiliation with Mass Youth Soccer, FYSA requires that all adult volunteers interacting with children must submit to a background check and adult registration.

As our society increases its awareness of the problems associated with child abuse, organizations involved with America’s youth must work diligently to provide them with a safe environment and to help our member clubs deal with the issue of child abuse. In August of 1994, the USYSA approved the KidSafe Risk Management Program and charged each state with the responsibility of developing a formal, written program to help prevent child abuse and molestation and to help all of us to become more aware of the warning signs of child abuse. Mass Youth Soccer has adopted the concepts of that program and implemented its version of KidSafe.

Mass Youth Soccer Position

The Mass Youth Soccer and its members will not knowingly allow any person convicted of a crime of violence, physical abuse, sale of illegal substances, or has any other convictions that would indicate a pattern of behavior that would have a detrimental effect on children to be placed in a position that would involve direct contact with children.