Academy Support Documents

Below are some of the quotes and articles FYSA referenced when deciding how best to address the developmental needs of our programs.

(1) Increase the General Level of Play for These Ages

From The Paramount Issue up to U14 is Inclusion – Not Exclusion

By Gary R. Allen
US Youth Soccer National Staff

“Instead of maintaining and developing the numbers of players at age 13 that we have playing at age eight, we are seeking to narrow the focus to find the cream of a very immature crop. We really must have a paradigm shift. At these ages, we must seek to raise the general level of play for all players, not pare away at the numbers, taking the last player standing. The cream will always rise to the top, but how high it rises depends on the crop itself. If the pond is small, it does not take much for a fish to become the biggest one there.”

(2) “Shouldn’t we be seeing many more highly skilled, exciting players?”

From Champion coach Albertin Montoya puts winning in perspective

By Mike Woitalla
Interview with Coach Montoya who led the Gold Pride to the WPS Championships in Fall, 2010

Coach Montoya: “We’re here to develop players to where, hopefully, by the time they’re U-14, U-15s, they’re playing at a high level, where if we do our job, winning will be a byproduct and we’ll compete for state championships.”

(3) Whose game? The adults’s game or the kid’s game.

From Goalkeeping … When is the right time?

By Tom Goodman, M.Ed.
Technical Director, Mass Youth Soccer
Former US Youth Soccer National Director of Coaching Education

“We, as coaches and teachers in the youth soccer world, are trying to develop confident, creative soccer players. We want them to be savvy in defending and attacking.”