1. There shall be at least one meeting of the General Membership of the Association each year for the purpose of reporting the status of the Association and electing the Board for the following year. This annual meeting shall be held between September 15 and December 31. Such other meetings of the membership shall be convened as deemed necessary or advisable by the Board or upon receipt by the Board of a petition from at least 15 members of the Association. The Board shall provide written notice of all General Membership meetings at least two weeks prior to such meetings.
  2. Order of business at all meetings of the General Membership shall be as follows:
    1. Minutes of the previous meeting.
    2. Treasurer's report
    3. Committee reports
    4. Old business
    5. New business
    6. Adjournment
  3. A quorum for all meetings of the General Membership shall be 15 people. Each member present shall have one vote, except that the presiding officer shall only vote to break a tie vote. In the General Election of officers, the presiding officer may vote.
  4. Term of office of all elected and appointed officials shall be one year, commencing January 1 and ending December 31.
  5. All members of the Association shall be eligible for any elected or appointed position and are eligible for re-election. No one person can maintain more than one elected or appointed position in any given year. Temporarily, a vacant Board position may be filled by another elected or appointed Board member, but that person shall only hold one vote.
  6. The duties and responsibilities of all elected officials of the Association shall be as described in the attached Position Summary. The Position Summary shall be part of the Bylaws.
  7. Each member of the Board may make appointments as necessary to carry out designated responsibilities, except that all appointments to positions in the Association shall be subject to approval of a majority vote of the Board. Until any appointments are made and approved, duties of such appointed position(s) shall be assumed by the Board and directed by the board position responsible for the appointment. [Amended 11-17-2011]
  8. Any appointed official shall serve at the pleasure of the Board and can be removed from office by a majority vote of the Board.
  9. Final approval of all activities of Association officials rests with the Board. The Board will be responsible for setting all policies and procedures of the Association and for overseeing all activities of the Association.
  10. All actions of the Board shall be by majority vote of its members, each member having one vote, except that the presiding officer shall vote only to break a tie.
  11. Should any member of the Board (including the President) for any reason be unable to fulfill his or her duties, the President may appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term of office, subject to approval by a majority vote of the remaining Board members.
  12. Should the President be unable, for any reason, to fulfill the duties of the office, succession will fall to the Vice President.
  13. The Board shall organize and conduct soccer teams and leagues to play in competition within the Association or in such other competition as they shall deem to be in the best interest of the youth of Franklin.
  14. The Board shall be empowered to set registration fees and to raise funds by such other means as necessary to conduct the Association's business.
  15. The Board shall make and amend such rules as necessary to govern the actions of its officials and the activities of soccer leagues formed by the Association. The Board will establish the Laws of the Game for the Association leagues.
  16. The Board shall meet at least 8 (eight) times per year, with prior public notice. A quorum for these meetings shall be a simple majority of the Board, except for votes that (a) imply changes to the Bylaws, (b) imply changes to the Bylaws or rules governing the Association, or (c) involves the authorization of an expenditure of an amount in excess of $500 for items not previously approved with an annual budget. In such cases, a quorum shall be the full membership of the Board except that. for votes of type (b) or (c) a Board member may communicate to the full Board in writing prior to the meeting his/her consent for the Board to vote in his/her absence. At no time shall the quorum requirement of a full board be waived for votes implying changes to the Bylaws. The date of the next Board meeting shall be set at each meeting. [Amended 11-17-2011]
  17. Any member of the Association may have any item put on the agenda of the next Board meeting by making a request to any member of the Board at least one week in advance of the Board meeting.
  18. The following standing committees will be established. The duties and responsibilities of these committees will be described in the Committee Guidelines section of this document. The Committee Guidelines shall be part of the Bylaws.
    1. Scholarship - shall be responsible for choosing the recipient(s) of all scholarship awards presented by the Association.
    2. Rules and Policies - shall be responsible for reviewing and maintaining the policies outlined in this document.
  19. The Bylaws can be permanently amended by a majority vote of the General Membership only. The Board can make temporary amendments to the Bylaws. Such temporary amendments must be brought before the next meeting of the General Membership. A temporary amendment, once rejected by the General Membership, cannot be reinstated as a temporary amendment for one year from the date of rejection.